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 Timothy's Personal Projects: COMPUTER MODS.

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PostSubject: Timothy's Personal Projects: COMPUTER MODS.   Sun Sep 20, 2009 8:19 pm

Hi. During the weekend I was bored as hell so I decieded to take my computer apart and mod the shit out of it. I realized that having a 250watt power supply really wasn't enough for me. I upgraded to a 300watt power supply and no problems yet! I also have two heat sinks.. The CPU heat sink has a fan, decent one, might I add. but the other doesn't and it gets hot enough to leave burn marks on wood. ( lalala don't ask me how I know >.> ) So, I installed 4 new fans. One is USB powered. I cut the ends off the fan wires and a USB cable and wired them together. Two of them are standard plug in fans and the other plugs into a harddrive power cable jack thing.. I also modified the power button but failed the first time because I didn't wire it correctly. My second button I modified worked great though, I'll try to have pictures of it tomorrow and post them. I also have lights in the computer but don't have photos of it, I'll have some tomorrow.

My computer.



My fans.

My original power button. I modified this one also but don't have pics yet.

Modified power button with extending wires allowing me to hide the power button somewhere. Failed because I wired it wrong..

My harddrive fans. I was supposed to instal this but I forgot to while in the hookup proccess and after I noticed it, I realized there wasn't enough space..

My 300watt Power supply Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Timothy's Personal Projects: COMPUTER MODS.   Sun Sep 20, 2009 8:23 pm

Wow i think i just felt like killing someone
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Timothy's Personal Projects: COMPUTER MODS.
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