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 Glad 2 be back!

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PostSubject: Glad 2 be back!   Wed Jun 20, 2012 6:40 am

As of tomorrow BBS-PK we will be back as a fully functional server that can be accessed by the public. (technically they can access today but it isnt advertised yet).

Tomorrow afternoon I will spend a lot of time with Edan working through any glitches and issues that will affect the main gameplay in order to make the game as user friendly as possible. I dont believe anyone still uses these forums but if there is anyone who randomely checks it, please be assured your old beta accounts are still available to play in their former glory.

To show we truly are dedicated to making sure BBS is back up and running & stays running this time. We have grouped together and bought vps hosting so the server is online 24/7. We have fixed the auto restarter issues & the server runs as it used to only restarting itself every hour to release the pressure on the server that builds up over that time from the connections of players.

With all the latest updates that have been built into the game since v4 (yes it was a long time ago but was the last time we were officially live) I am worried the extra features both server and client side will indeed reduce the amount of players we can have on the server at one time.

Only time will tell how many players can be logged on at one time without causing extreme lagg. back in v4 I believe our record of players online at once was 107ish (correct me if im wrong)..

I would like to believe we could still maintain these amount of players but I doubt that is sustainable in BBS's current source. I would like to think we could still maintain 70/80 players online at any one time until a better VPS server can be afforded or until we swap to another source code (not likely).

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoys the belated release of version 6 & I speak for all of the owners when I say we will enjoy seeing you in game.

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Glad 2 be back!
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