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 BBs-PK Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: BBs-PK Rules and Regulations   BBs-PK Rules and Regulations Icon_minitimeMon May 24, 2010 1:04 pm

BBs-PK Rules and Regulations

By registering an account on these forums, you agree that you will abide by BBs-Pk's rules and regulations. Violation of these rules and regulations will result in action being taken against your account, actions that may include: an infraction, (permanent) suspension of your posting rights, (permanent) suspension of your account and ultimately being denied access to the forums and server.

Rule 1: Double Posting
Members who double post without justifiable cause will receive an infraction. The "edit" button was made for a reason; use it!

Rule 2: Profane and/or Harmful Content
Any user who creates a thread that contains/links to profane or harmful content will receive an infraction. Depending on the severity (calculated by the length of time the offender has been a member of the community OR the threat in which the content posed posses) of the offense, the offender may simply receive a warning or have posting privileges suspended. Repeat offenders are considered especially heinous, and will result in having their (forum) accounts being (permanently) suspended.

Rule 3: 'Flaming' or 'Flame Baiting'
Members who flame or flame bait other members of the community will often not only receive an infraction for violating Rule 3 of the BBs-PK Rules and Regulations, but will also be infracted if the event occurs in a thread. Flaming other members of the community in a topic is considered spamming, and we ask that if you find yourself in a vigorous argument with another member to, please, take it up in a private message. Multiple offenders will have their posting privileges suspended.

Rule 4: Posting Mute/Ban Appeals for other members
Posting appeals for other members is completely unacceptable, and will result in an infraction on your behalf. Members who find themselves banned/muted are often so for a reason and posting an appeal for them will greatly decrease their odds of future appeals being accepted.

Rule 5: Spamming
Any pointless material posted on the forums will be counted as spam, and will not be tolerated. Posting useless material like "cool', "nice", "cool story bro" and etcetera will be removed and result in an infraction. Multiple offenders may even receive temporary suspension of their posting rights.

Rule 6: Impersonation of other members or organizations
Impersonation of a: JaGex ltd. employee, member of the BBs-PK Staff Team, BBs-PK member or representative of another organization will not be tolerated . Impersonation is considered an extremely heinous offense, and will result in denial of access to this site and sever.

Rule 7: (Sexual) Harassment
BBs-pk does not permit (sexual) harassment, and we strongly believe that both men and women alike are equal. Joking around about sexual harassment may lead to an infraction, and depending on the severity of the offense, the suspension of your posting privileges.

Rule 8: Discrimination (Rule 7 Continued)
Discrimination of any sort against other members will not be tolerated, regardless of whether it takes place on the server, board or through private messaging. This includes:
  • Racism/Xenophobia
  • Religious Discrimination
  • Sexism
  • Homophobia/Heterophobia/"Bi"-phobia
  • Or any other form of discrimination not listed.

Rule 9: Plagiarism
Plagiarism is highly frowned upon, and any member caught stealing the work of another will receive an infraction.

Rule 10: Unauthorized Advertising
Advertising of any sort without the authorization of an administrator will result in the permanent suspension of your account. Period.

Rule 11: Gravedigging Topics
Gravedigging topics (bumping topics that have not been posted on for over 30 days) is considered spamming, and all reported grave-dug topics will be locked to prevent further bumping.

Rule 12: Bugs and Glitches
If you discover a bug/glitch on the server or forums it is your obligation to alert an administrator of the bug immediately. Abuse of any bugs/glitches will result in permanent suspension of your account.

Rule 12: Loop-Holing
Ah, yes, a rule just for those "Loop-holers". Scouring through rules and regulations for loop-holes or inconsistencies with the intention of purposefully violating them will result in the suspension of your account.

Rule 13: Admin Spawning
You cannot get a member of staff to spawn you any sort of item within the server, even if there is an exchange (Trade) If the rule is broken the result would be decided by administration. However this rule can be broken if need be and autherised by administration.

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BBs-PK Rules and Regulations
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